About Us

Pack Air was founded in 1984 by three people who manufactured specialty equipment, sold industrial equipment, or were in charge of specifying and installing production lines. Each of these three founders brought a unique vision of not only what was happening in the marketplace, but where and how to improve upon it. Quality, reliability, integrity, and innovation are the four cornerstones on which Pack Air was built, and we stand true today. We are proud to say we have active customers today that date back all the way to our first year of business.

Pack Air has many pre-engineered and proven product handling solutions that can be modified to fit your specific requirements. We are always working on new innovative solutions.

We work in a variety of industries to engineer, build, and integrate systems that increase productivity, optimize production, and reduce downtime. When you work with Pack Air, you will see how our Power of Promises Kept philosophy sets us apart from our competitors.

Promises Kept Case Study

Pack Air was contacted by a small engine manufacturer who was adding a new production line to their operation. They were unhappy with the durability of the conveyors that they were purchasing from other suppliers. They decided to turn to Pack Air. We studied their operation and requirements and were confident that our solution would be a perfect fit. To prove our point, we built a test unit and delivered it to the customer on a flatbed trailer to inspect and test.

Against our recommendations, the customer attempted to unload the test unit using their forklift. Both the forklift and test unit fell to the ground. Fortunately, nobody was hurt but the forklift was badly damaged. The test unit, on the other hand, was unscathed. While the forklift was hauled away for repair, the test unit was moved to the production floor for testing. The test unit passed customer scrutiny with flying colors. They commented that there was nothing they could do to their equipment that would be harder on it than what had just happened at the loading dock. Pack Air promised a durable solution, and therefore we delivered!

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