Interroll Solutions

At Pack Air Inc., we develop partnerships with suppliers that share our same values. This includes understanding customer needs, creating unique solutions to challenging problems, and manufacturing high quality products.

One example of that type of partnership is Pack Air’s proud participation in Interroll’s – Rolling On Interroll program. Since Interroll’s founding over 50 years ago, they have been a strong partner to small and medium sized OEMs and system integrators around the world.

The Interroll Group is a worldwide leading producer of high-quality key products and services for internal logistics. The company offers a broad product range in the four product groups “rollers,” “drives,” “conveyors & sorters” and “pallet & carton flow” to around 23,000 customers (system integrators and OEMs) around the world.

Founded in 1959 and headquartered in Sant’Antonino, Switzerland, Interroll operates a worldwide network of 31 companies with around 2,000 employees. Interroll is engaged in global research projects for logistics efficiency and actively supports industry associations in developing standards.

When developing key products, Interroll thinks about how essential they can be for the throughput and the availability of machines and systems. As leading global supplier, Interroll takes responsibility for making important contributions to the industry with innovations in terms of energy consumption, operator safety, ergonomics, and hygiene. All of their R&D efforts are geared towards these objectives and together with partners like Pack Air Inc., Interroll wants to make the market more aware of these benefits.

As the world’s leading provider of solutions for use in internal logistics, Interroll has already manufactured five hundred million conveyor rollers. This underlines the company’s leading international position with key products for use in internal logistics. Rollers from Interroll are the products of choice for transporting containers and pallets in the distribution centers of postal and courier services, mail order companies, airports and production plants, but also in other industries such as supermarkets and the e-commerce sector.

Pack Air Inc., in partnership with Interroll, offers scalable solutions for manufacturing, processing, warehousing & distribution in various industries.

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