Warehousing & Distribution – A Case Study

The Situation:

Pack Air was contacted by a customer who wanted to expand their beer bottling line to include cans and cartons of cans. They also wanted to add a tray packer and case packer and make other provisions for future expansions. The customer had limited floor space and needed their production line upgraded within a short time frame.

The Challenge:

The challenge was moving multiple configurations of cans and bottles from floor level to ceiling level where they would be fed into a palletizer and doing so using the same equipment and little floor space. The customer was also concerned with keeping the product blemish-free in the process.


The Solution:

Pack Air’s solution included two spiral drum elevators – one that received product from the floor level tray packer, and another that received product from the floor level case packer. Both fed the product to the overhead palletizer. We also supplied MDR (motordriven roller) conveyor to transport and meter the product throughout the process. The Pack Air designed spiral drum elevators and MDR conveyor are unique in that they run quietly and require very little maintenance in comparison to traditional conveyor systems. Pack Air also supplied a transfer that can divert cans and bottles to the customer’s warehouse if future expansion is necessary.


The Results:

Pack Air’s ability to focus on the immediate needs of the customer, while also planning for their future needs, allowed us to quickly upgrade their production line and make any future upgrades faster and easier.