Pack Air offers a wide range of accumulation solutions to buffer product flow within production lines. Production lines inherently have areas that require accumulation for equipment that cycles throughout the day for maintenance and reloading. Pack Air can review your line operation and suggest areas where accumulators will help balance product flow and maximize production.

Key Points

  • Allows downstream equipment to continue to run while upstream equipment is down due to maintenance or reloading
  • Allows upstream equipment to build a backlog prior to going down for maintenance or reloading so downstream equipment can continue to run
  • Can be used to collate products for batch processes such as packing and palletizing
  • Accumulators can be used to stall products for warming, cooling, or curing
  • Accumulation can occur in-line, off-line, horizontally, and vertically
  • Product flow can occur first-in-first-out (FIFO), first-in-last-out (FILO), and first-in-random-out (FIRO)
  • Pack Air can help you determine which type of accumulator is right for your product type, available space, and time or volume of accumulation desired
Accumulators Accumulators

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