Air Trim Removal Conveyors

Pack Air started business in 1984 with Air Conveyors as our primary focus. Many things have changed since then but the simplicity of the base concept remains. Air conveyors use positive or negative air pressure to lift, suction, and convey products. The force of the air is regulated and directed to achieve the desired result.

Our Air Trim Removal Conveyors are designed for tissue paper log saw trim removal but suitable for other types of scrap removal as well. System consists of a louvered hopper, silencer, blower, ducting, separator, and optional diverters to efficiently move scrap to a recycling area.

Air Trim Removal Conveyors

  • Infeed Hoppers to fit a variety of Log Saws
  • Blower Housings with 7.5 HP and 10 HP fan motors
  • Rectangular and Round Duct with viewing windows
  • Blower elevates product 15-20 feet to horizontal duct reducing congestion at floor level
  • Duct run lengths up to 150 feet. Multiple blowers can be Daisy-Chained for longer runs
  • Air/Product Separator Cyclones at discharge of system
  • Options for 1:2 diverts in Duct and after Separator
  • Low Maintenance – only moving part is the fan and motor

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