Louvered Carry Way Air Conveyor

Pack Air started business in 1984 with Air Conveyors as our primary focus. Many things have changed since then but the simplicity of the base concept remains. Air conveyor uses positive or negative air pressure to lift, suction, and convey products. The force of the air is regulated and directed to achieve the desired result.

Our Louvered Carry Way Air Conveyors are ideal for conveying lightweight and delicate products such as bottle caps, jar lids, cardboard boxes, and plastic containers as well as awkward, heavy products such as liquid filled bags.

Louvered Carry Way Air Conveyors

  • Ideal for conveying lightweight and delicate products such as cans, containers, plastic bottles, and caps as well as awkward heavy products such as liquid filled bags
  • Can move products in any direction – horizontally, vertically, around corners, and across long distances
  • Can include acceleration, transportation, deceleration, flotation, and accumulation, all in one design
  • Requires very little maintenance – the fan and motor are the only moving parts
  • Transportation speeds can exceed those of traditional conveying methods
  • Can be used for in-line accumulation without product damage from backpressure or scuffing
  • Filters, silencers, and controls are available
  • Set-up and testing is completed at our facility to ensure trouble-free operation in your facility

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