Diverters, Mergers, & Balancers

Production line efficiency can be dramatically improved by distributing and balancing products between processes. This can include merging outputs of two or more slower machines to feed a faster machine, dividing one or more lanes into multiple lanes, and merging and diverting products between lanes to suit downstream demands and conditions. Pack Air can review your line operation and suggest areas where one of these devices will help balance product flow and maximize production.

Key Points

  • Diverters are used to divide one or more infeed lanes into several more balanced discharge lanes
  • Mergers are used to combine outputs of two or more slower speed machines to feed one higher speed machine
  • Balancers both merge and divert products from single or multiple infeed lanes to single or multiple discharge lanes depending on downstream demands and conditions
  • Manual, pneumatic, motor, and servo drive operations are available
  • Simple, low cost pneumatic stops and gates are used in lower-speed applications
  • High-speed, precise servo metering methods are used in higher-speed, close-coupled applications
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations are available
  • Zero infeed backlog requirements available with multiple lane infeeds and lane balancing
  • Zero discharge buffer requirements available with servo-driven lane balancing
  • Easy operator interfaces including push button and touch screen display are available
  • Several PLC platforms available for automated device control and integration
  • Perimeter guarding with lockable access doors is available
Diverters Diverters Mergers Mergers

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