Fabric, Plastic and Rubber Belt Conveyor

“Conveyor Belt” or “Conveyor Chain” is a term that is used very loosely to describe the moving part of a conveyor that conveys product. There are many different belt and chain manufacturers that each have their own brand name for similar products, but we will generically call this type “Fabric Belt”. More specifically these types of belts are made from fabrics, plastics and rubber materials, often layered together to give unique characteristics such as a low friction sliding surface on the conveyor bed and a high textured rubber top surface to carry product up steep inclines.

Fabric Belt Conveyors may be considered an older technology and in many ways are out performed by Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors. For example, belt tracking and tensioning are generally not required for Modular Plastic Belts so they are easier to set up and maintain. However, Fabric Belt Conveyors still have the widest range of belting materials available and they are also the most customizable so they can meet very specific needs. They are manufactured in a wide range of materials, widths, and thicknesses. Certain fabric belts can allow for extremely high speeds (over 1000 FPM), others can be perforated or be made of a mesh material to allow for vacuum or air flow through them. There are fabric belts for extremely low friction and others for high friction. Fabric belts can also have integral cleats or scoops and can also be troughed to contain bulk product. With so many options available for fabric belting, trust Pack Air to know the best belting to suit your needs.

Pack Air designs and manufactures only straight running belt conveyors, but we do have belted curves available through one of our partner companies. Pack Air mainly manufactures Fabric Belt Conveyor in a Flat Closed Top Slider Bed configuration, however, Roller Bed, Troughed Roller Bed, Troughed Closed Top Slider Bed, and Open Top configurations are also available depending on your specific application.

Low friction belt top surfaces allow for product accumulation without risk of scuffing Low friction belt top surfaces allow for product accumulation without risk of scuffing

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