Pack Air has designed our Grippers to be modular in design but unique in operation. Initially designed as an in-line elevator/lowerator, Pack Air has added functions such as product upending and inverting, lift sections for diverting, and a rotating discharge which allows products to either be conveyed in-line, inverted, or upended, depending on product changeover requirements.

Key Points

  • Products are gently squeezed between soft plastic bulbs attached to belts for transport and/or reorientation
  • Products can be elevated or lowered within a very small area
  • Products can also be reoriented or redirected while being elevated or lowered
  • S-shaped, C-shaped, upending, and combined (changeable) configurations are available
  • Can be used to facilitate operations such as metering, inspecting, washing/rinsing, and assembly/disassembly of products
  • Adjustable to accommodate products of different sizes
  • Adjustable infeed and discharge heights are available
  • Lift base configuration is available for diverting products
  • Pneumatic take-ups provide constant and even belt tension to both sides of the gripper
  • Adjustment controls can be manual or automatic
Grippers Grippers

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