Mild & Stainless Steel Conveyor

Pack Air’s Modular Conveyor System is a standard conveyor system without the limiting factors of a standard product line. Designed in the 1990’s, this system has been expanded upon to interface with many custom features. This system is the cornerstone of our transportation systems, allowing Pack Air to supply a custom-tailored solution at a standard product price point. We can help you choose the perfect combination of features and components for your application.

Key Points

  • All of our equipment is available in mild steel and stainless steel construction
  • Mild steel designs are very cost effective and can be painted to any specification
  • Stainless designs are well suited for sanitary, washdown, and volatile environments
  • Conveyor lines can incline or decline, turn in any direction, and move product at any speed up to 300 feet per minute, depending on application
  • Conveyors lines are designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate different product sizes and configurations
  • Standardized components maximize manufacturing efficiency for us and cost savings are passed on to you
  • Standardized components are stocked and ready to ship if you need replacements
  • Conveyor lines are completely set-up, pre-wired, tested, and available for inspection at Pack Air prior to shipping, allowing for quick and easy installation
  • Conveying surface can be fabric belt, wire mesh belt, plastic or metal modular conveyor belts, or roller

Looking for more options?

Click on the video to the right to see customized Stainless Steel conveyor examples that our team at Pack Air Inc has created.

Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Conveyors Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Conveyors

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