Case & Bundle Conveyor: MDR and Line Shaft

As with all of Pack Air’s equipment, our MDR conveyor is modular by design, but can be custom-tailored to suit your unique application. Pack Air’s MDR conveyor is completely set-up, pre-wired, and tested at our facility to ensure quick and easy installation and trouble-free operation at your facility. Pack Air’s MDR line is designed for low maintenance and long life to complement our other conveyor lines and devices.

Key Points

  • Used for product transport, metering, and zero-pressure accumulation
  • Ideal for conveying bulky and boxed/bundled products
  • Powered rollers with internal motors power zones of non-powered rollers
  • Rollers are available on 2” and 3” centers and are available in several standard widths
  • MDR lines are easy to modify and expand upon – each MDR section is independently-controlled and has plugs at each end for easy plug-and-play connection
  • MDR is energy efficient – it operates on 24V and runs only when product is present
  • MDR requires very little maintenance – there are few moving parts and it only runs when product is present – reducing wear-and-tear
MDR - Motor Driven Roller Conveyor MDR - Motor Driven Roller Conveyor

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