Case & Bundle Conveyor: MDR, Line Shaft, Gravity Roller, and Light Duty CDLR

As with all of Pack Air’s equipment, our Case and Bundle Roller Conveyor is modular by design but can be custom-tailored to suit your unique application. Pack Air’s roller conveyor can be completely set-up, pre-wired, and tested at our facility to ensure quick and easy installation and trouble-free operation at your facility and is designed for low maintenance and long life to complement our other conveyor lines and devices.

MDR (Motor Driven Roller) Conveyor has powered rollers with internal motors that power “zones” of non-powered rollers. Rollers are available on 2” and 3” centers and are available in several standard widths or custom widths can be made to order. Tapered rollers are used to help maintain product position and orientation through turn sections.

MDR is used for product transport, metering, and zero-pressure accumulation. These are ideal for conveying bulky and boxed/bundled products. MDR can be interfaced with many types of equipment including diverters, mergers, and palletizers, for smooth product flow. MDR conveyor lines can turn and merge in any direction, simplifying line layouts and reducing costs and space requirements.

MDR is also energy efficient because it operates on 24V and runs only when product is present. Photoeyes mounted on each zone communicate with the linked control cards to turn the motors on and off. When space is available in the next zone downstream, the product is able to move to the next zone.

On a Lineshaft Conveyor, a long metal drive shaft runs below the rollers and drives them via a twisted O-ring belt. One of the main advantages of the Lineshaft Conveyor is the length of conveyor that can be driven from one motor, including turns via u-joints in the drive shaft.  Unlike MDR that is designed for zero pressure accumulation, Lineshaft is specifically used where back-to-back accumulation is required such as feeding a robotic palletizer.

A gravity roller conveyor is non-powered. When a gravity conveyor is at a decline angle, products use gravity to move on those rollers. If the gravity conveyor is at a steep decline, brake rollers can be added to help to slow the product down. Gravity rollers can also be used on a horizontal plane to allow an operator to manually push or pull the product on the conveyor.

Light Duty CDLR (Chain Driven Live Roller) is another type of roller conveyor that is typically used where medium weight loads (100-500lbs) are conveyed.  Instead of the O-ring belts connecting the rollers, each roller has two sprockets welded to it and the rollers are linked with roller chains.  This allows for much greater torque transmission with zero slip to convey heavier loads.

Tapered rollers maintain product position and orientation through turn sections. Tapered rollers maintain product position and orientation through turn sections.

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