Plastic and Steel Chain Conveyor

“Conveyor Belt” or “Conveyor Chain” is a term that is used very loosely to describe the moving part of a conveyor that conveys product. There are many different belt and chain manufacturers that each have their own brand name for similar products, but we will generically call this type “Plastic and Steel Chains”. More specifically these types of chain are typically 1.50″ pitch and have a central link pin with a relatively large “knuckle” and correspondingly large tooth engagement.

Plastic and Steel Chains are available in straight running and side flexing configurations and work well for narrower products (3.25″ to 16″) running at lower speeds (up to approximately 200 FPM). Because of its versatility, Side Flexing Plastic Chains make up the majority of the chain Pack Air uses for this type of conveyor, with Steel and Stainless Steel Chains being for more specific applications. Some chains are also available with friction inserts and other attachments which may aide in the conveyance of your product.

Pack Air has several different standard conveyor product lines that utilize various types of Plastic and Steel Chains. Our Open Top frame construction is an economical solution for single lane conveyance for a wide variety of products. Our Closed Top frame construction incorporates the sides and a top deck formed from a single sheet of steel. The closed top acts as a barrier for dust or debris, such as broken product, from entering the conveyor return which can damage the chain and reduce its life. Closed Top is also a good platform for multiple conveyor lanes on the same frame and is more economical than multiple frames following parallel paths.

4.50 4.50" wide LF Plastic Chain Conveyor with Turn Disks and parallel transfers

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