Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor

“Conveyor Belt” or “Conveyor Chain” is a term that is used very loosely to describe the moving part of a machine that conveys product. There are many different belt and chain manufacturers that each have their own brand name for similar products. We will generically call this type “Plastic Modular Belts”. More specifically, these types of plastic belts are manufactured in a wide range of pitches and thicknesses which allow for applications including tight end-to-end transfers at high speeds (over 400 FPM) or capacities of thousands of pounds at slow speeds.

Plastic Modular Belts are available in straight running and side flexing configurations. They work well for wider products, or multiple lanes of products (averaging 9″ – 60″). Plastic Modular Belts also have many options for additions such as friction inserts, cleats, scoops, rollers, and other attachments which may aide in the conveyance of your product. With so many options available from multiple Modular Plastic Belting manufacturers, trust Pack Air to know the best belting to suit your needs.

Pack Air mainly manufacturers conveyors for Modular Plastic Belts as an Open Top frame construction. Infeed and discharge ends are available in a variety of configurations including sprockets, rollers and nose bars, with the latter two allowing for tighter end-to-end transfers. Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors are typically used as the conveyance for our Diverts and Merges, or anywhere that product needs to be plowed across the width of the belt to change lanes or flow patterns.

33 33" wide Straight Running Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor with 4 lanes of Manually Adjustable Guide Rails and Hold Down Rails

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