Quick-Adjust Rail Systems

Pack Air has supplied quick-adjust rail systems beginning with the first conveyor we built in 1984. Production lines have changed a lot since then and so has the demand for quick and reliable changeover solutions. Pack Air has met that demand over the years through continuous innovation and offering a wide range of quick-adjust rail systems. Chances are we already have the perfect solution for you.

Quick-adjust rails can be adjusted through straights, turns, inclines and declines and will dramatically reduce changeover time when running multiple products that are different sizes.  They can be provided as part of your new conveyor and specialty devices or they can be retrofitted to existing conveyor.  For existing applications the rail system can be shipped as sub-assemblies or completely assembled on temporary frames for fast and easy installation.

Pack Air offers several different types of quick-adjusting rail systems such as EVO Rail, SLIDE Rail, Lift-Up Rail, and Hold-Down Rail. Some of our systems allow for 2 or 3 position adjustment, while others like EVO and SLIDE allow for infinite adjustment within a defined range.  They allow operators easy rail adjustments in hard-to-reach areas and up to 40 feet of rail can be adjusted from one point, including multiple lanes of rail.

EVO Rails offer high precision (+/- 1/16”) repeatability with robust linear bearings.  SLIDE Rail offers a more cost effective rail adjustment system where high precision is not required, such as with larger products, bundles or cases.  Both systems share a similar shaft drive that can be driven with a hand wheel, air motor, DC Stepper motor or Servo motor.  Several different position or real time feedback position configurations are available for precise and repeatable adjustments.

One of Pack Air's Quick-Adjust Lift Up Rail One of Pack Air's Quick-Adjust Lift Up Rail

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