Reorienting Devices

Product manipulation is an important part of any production line and it is also one of the most challenging. Pack Air can reorient your product between processes in any way you can imagine. We have many standardized designs for reorienting a wide range of products and these designs can be modified to suit your unique needs.

Twin Chain Turners

  • Dual chains moving at different speeds gently turn product about its vertical axis as it is conveyed forward
  • Typical rotation is 90 or 80 degrees but any rotation is achievable and repeatable
  • Dual motors allow for adjustment in rotation rate and direction
  • Product can pass straight through without turning when chains moves at matched speed
  • Nose bar transfers on infeed and discharge insure smooth product transfer
  • Friction inserts on plastic belting can be used for low-friction (slippery) products
Twin Chain Turners

Bump Turners

  • Uses a turn post to rotate product 90 degrees about its vertical axis as it is conveyed forward
  • Simple, low-cost means of product turning that works well for most cased or other rigid products
  • Adjustable for fine-tuning and accommodating different products
  • Can be easily retrofitted to existing conveyor
  • Various styles are available depending on the application ranging from rods to wheels & rollers
Bump Turners

Starwheel Upenders

  • Star-shaped wheel rotates product 90 degrees forward about its horizontal or lateral axis as it is conveyed forward
  • Multiple stars can be used to rotate product 90, 180, or 270 degrees about their horizontal axis
  • Can be used to both rotate and meter/index products
  • Can be powered or unpowered – product back pressure alone can turn the starwheel
  • Starwheels can be retractable or lift up to allow straight product pass through
  • Tool-less change-out star tips are available for quick change over for various product configurations
Starwheel Upenders

Helical Upenders

  • Dual chains in a helical orientation gently rotate product about its longitudinal axis as it is conveyed forward
  • No changeover is required when running multiple product sizes
  • 90 degree rotation is achieved within 10 feet, 180 degree rotation is achieved within 20 feet
  • Table top models offer chain widths up to 12 inches
  • Modular plastic belt models offer chain widths up to 24″ wide to reliably twist large bundles and cases.
  • All helical upenders are also available in conjunction with side-shift bases or vertical lifts for straight running bypass where multiple product orientations run on the same line
Helical Upenders

Upender Arms

  • Inclined fabric or modular plastic belt rotates product about its longitudinal axis as it is conveyed forward
  • Adjustable pitch for proper upending of products of different sizes and for switching between upending and straight pass-through of product
  • Can be standalone-driven or slave-driven from adjacent conveyor section
  • Can be easily retrofitted to existing conveyor
  • Multiple belts and friction materials are available depending on product being upended
Belted Upenders

Knock Down Rails

  • Simple, low-cost solution for rotating product along its longitudinal axis
  • Typically stainless sheet rail formed per product
  • Can be made fixed or as a change out part for multiple configurations or pass-thru
  • Usually required back pressure to operate and are not self clearing
Knock Down Rail


  • Rotates product forward 90 degrees similar to starwheel
  • Low-cost solution for robust product
  • Hand wheel or automated height adjustment is available for different waterfall heights and also as a pass-thru option
Knock Down Rail