Stainless Steel Conveyor

Pack Air designs and manufactures Stainless Steel frame conveyors for a number of different industries and end users. As with all Pack Air equipment, we design and build our Stainless Steel Conveyors to suit the specific needs of each individual customer. We do not attempt to classify our conveyor construction as sanitary or non-sanitary, because what is considered sanitary for one customer, may not be for another. Instead we classify our Stainless Steel Conveyor into two general categories of Bolted Construction and Welded Construction.

Since Pack Air fabricates equipment with both mild steel and stainless steel, we take extra precautions to avoid cross contamination and guarantee that your stainless equipment stays rust free. In addition to strict internal handling procedures, all of our stainless steel fabricated parts, whether made for welded or bolted stainless construction equipment, are fully passivated in a citric acid bath and fresh water rinse. While there are other means of locally cleaning heat effected zones on welded parts, fabricators cannot control the raw material itself prior to receiving it, so full passivation is the only way to guarantee that all free carbon is removed from all surfaces of all parts.

Frames are typically fabricated from 11 gauge (1/8″) 304 4B stainless steel, however different material grades and surface finishes are available upon request, and heavier mill finish plate will be used for structural applications. With hundreds of different chains and belts available with nearly endless combinations of guide rails, supports and other components, trust Pack Air to blend those components into a solution that suits your specific needs for wash down, sanitation or corrosion resistance.




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