Zero Tangent Modular Belt Curve

Pack Air recognizes that often equipment placement and space restrictions do not allow for a conveyor with a side flexing table top or modular chain, because of the tangent (straight running) sections that are required before and after the curves. These tangents are required in order to properly drive the chain and allow it to “relax” for proper tracking before the chain enters the return carry way.  Unfortunately, these tangent sections add to the overall conveyor length and can dramatically limit your floor space.

In these types of applications Powered Belt Curves have historically been one of the only options available.  The disadvantage with Powered Belt Curves are their inherent design issues; such as oily drive chains on the edge of the belts that make it difficult to keep the belts clean, point loading at belt grommets that can cause tears in the belt, or other styles that rely on pinching the belt between friction rollers that can cut through the belt if the tension is not properly adjusted. When maintenance is required on Powered Belt Curves, it can be very difficult and time consuming to replace the belts…so much, that some end users have purchased an entire backup conveyor because it was quicker to replace the entire unit than it was to try to replace the belt on the line.  They would then replace the belt during off-line maintenance to have that conveyor ready as the next backup.

We realized that the use of the Powered Belt Curves was an ongoing problem and it was time to come up with an innovative solution! We challenged one of our modular plastic chain suppliers to manufacture a chain that would offer an alternative solution to this problem. In cooperation with that chain supplier, Pack Air has developed a Zero Tangent Modular Belt Curve designed specifically to address those inherent problems associated with belt curves.

Key Points

  • Zero Tangent Modular Belt Curve has fewer moving parts
  • Offers a simple mattop chain which make for a cleaner design that is more maintenance friendly
  • The mattop chain will only follow the specific radiused path that the chain was manufactured for and it can be made in 30, 45 or 90 degree sections
  • Special angle curves are also possible to fit your specific application
  • Applications include mild steel frame construction for paper, poly wrapped bundles, cases and other dry goods, and stainless steel construction suitable for corrosive environments, bakery or direct food contact
  • Available in a variety of chain widths and radii for use in a wide range of product handling needs
Previously only a belt curve design was available Previously only a belt curve design was availableZero Tangent Modular Belt Curve Conveyor Solution Zero Tangent Modular Belt Curve Conveyor Solution

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